Jona’s Story

My Journey at Tim Hortons started when I decided to move out from my apartment and have my own house. I applied online and submitted my resume in person in other jobs, until Alicia found my resume and decided to give me a chance for an interview. During the interview I specified the hours of work I am willing to put in and it was only 20-25 hours per week, adding extra income on top of my previous full-time job. I quickly began working even more as I grew in roles and positions with Tim Hortons.

At my 3rd month mark of being in the store, Ken asked me to be one of his leaders at the store. The best part of this story is that I became a leader without even knowing how make a double double! Moving on, in less than 2 years, Ken promoted me as the head leader at one of the stores. I came into this store without an Assistant Manager and had to grow into my new role and develop the team around me.

The passion and dedication that you see from your team is a reflection of your leadership. Seeing my team grow and develop is the best vitamin for me everyday.  Through my years of leadership in this organization, setting the momentum towards our goal for everyone in my team has been the main driving force of our success here in Marion.