Jayson’s Story

A blessing in disguise! That phrase is the best way to describe my journey here in Jur Family Group. About five years ago I came to Canada to surprise my wife. She had no idea that I’m already coming to Canada. She was already working with Tim Hortons Jur Family Group at the Nairn location, and with the help of her friends and teammates this plan was executed and became successful. On that very same day, I also met Ken and Alicia who immediately invited me to join and became part of Jur Family Group. Little that I know that this will be my “Home”.

Starting a new job for a new immigrant like me is never easy. There are setbacks and struggles but with the support of my Tims Family, I was able to overcome those challenges. They helped me to adjust and find my rhythm and get to know everyone. They believe on everyone’s talent, and they let me explore, develop, and grow. They taught me to work hard, stay disciplined, be patient and my time will come. Now, I am working as a Restaurant Manager of Tim Hortons at our Nairn Location, lending my hand to help other new Team Members and some new immigrants as well to adjust and find their family away from home.

If you want to become part of our Family, we are excited to embrace you and help you find your second home here at Tims!